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Done and Done

The final stats are still being compiled and there are a mountain range of stories and video to be published, but the legwork is now over for the team.

Jared and Katie seem to have had the lion’s share of adventure. Since leaving Turkey they have, amongst other things, survived being swept out to sea by floods, discussed communism a caravan in Kosovo, had tea in an Albanian bunker, conquered the mighty Alps (three 2,000-metre passes in two days), and edured miserable weather across France before arriving in London on the 15th.

I feel a bit boring by comparison. Following my solo sprint across Europe and England, I got home on the 4th and have been readjusting to life indoors over the last fortnight. After so many nights in fields and forests, sleeping in an actual bed seems almost too comfortable. Home cooking, on the other hand, is being eaten with great joy and requests for seconds.

Expect lots of stories over the coming weeks, filling in the blanks and keeping you enthralled. For those who lack patience, photos are already available on our Facebook pages.

The guys are flying/driving over to Northern Ireland next week for a catch-up session (I’ve been instructed by Ruth not to say “debriefing” as it sounds too formal and technical. In fact, I was only using it to avoid saying “piss-up”.).


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