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Homeward Bound

Hey everyone,
The journey (for me) is almost over me. I’m currently killing time on the ferry to Dover and will be on English soil in about 20 minutes. The end, the real end is Belfast, and that’s not so far away.

In response to (semi)popular demand, here’s a tentative itinerary for the week:

Mon: ride from Dover-London
Tue: day off
Wed & Thur: ride up to Liverpool
Fri: ferry from Liverpool-Belfast

I plan to catch the Norfolklines Friday daytime ferry from Liverpool-Belfast
It arrives at 6pm in the evening (will have to check that). Beers and grub to follow.

Any of you who are in the Belfast vicinity are welcome to join. If you’re not in the area, no probs. I’ll be at home until the 26th and will try to catch up with everyone during that time.

I’ll pick up a phone SIM card tomorrow and will publish the number so I can be contacted easily.

Continued best wishes to my fellow teamies who are going to conquer the mighty Alps this week.

A full update of what I’ve been up to over the last 3 weeks will follow soon; as soon as I sit down with a nice Internet connection and a laptop, that is. Eat, ride, sleep and repeat. That’s the gist of it, but there was plenty of madness and mayhem too.

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