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Breaking Radio Silence

20 days ago Katie and I said goodbye to our beloved team mate Tom and a day later left Istanbul on our own path through Europe.

It came as a fantastic surprise that not more than 2 days later after getting off to a bad start and narrowly avoiding being washed away, Zee German (Thorsten) whom we had also said goodbye to in Istanbul sent us a message to say he had changed his plans of cycling the Ukraine to join us in Greece for the 2 week ride to Croatia.

Again out came the maps and our route went from a relatively straight forward ride, to trying to visit as many countries as we could while staying off main roads and picking nice big mountain passes.

8 countries and 2 weeks later without a day off we finally arrived in the small town of Omis on the Croatian coast for some much earned rest and relaxation.

During our two weeks off the unplugged from the matrix we managed to:

Have all our gear and tents flooded just outside of Istanbul

Be evicted from the forest by the Greek fire department only to end up sleeping in a park in the center of town

Slept in a caravan on the top of a 1550 meter pass in Kosovo

Have dinner in old bunkers in Albania avoiding the stormy weather

Learn that selling guns to buy books is possible

Ride through hundreds of clouds of small flies – not fun

Sleep in between the border of Albania and Montenegro

Party with Albanian customs and immigrations officers while they were supposed to be on duty

Be offered $30,000 for each American girl I could arrange a marriage with.

…..and much more


Of course there are stories and photos behind the above headlines and eventually I will get around to writing them, however for the moment I have gotten slightly distracted by beautiful Croatia, swimming in the Adriatic and enjoying good food and great company.


All good things do come to an end thought, and this Monday we will be thrusting ourselves back into wild camping and living on our €10 a day budget heading for Italy and the Swiss Alps.



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