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After cycling 6000 km across China without meeting any other cyclists on the road (except the Koons brothers who were heading home) we were starting to wonder if we were the only ones out there.

It turns out that they were all in Central Asia.

As mentioned in a previous post we met the Belgian lads in Kazakhstan.

The Belgian Lads


In Kyrgyzstan on the road from Bishkek to Osh we met 7 cyclists going East, passed Taka who was going West and had left the same day as us, and Leon who caught up with us just before Osh.

Leon soaked after an afternoon wash


Marc and Marcus. The first Irish cyclist we met


Even bikes need number plates




Taka, mentioned in a previous post painting


Geert, very tired after a long day uphill


As we entered the Fergana Valley in Uzbekistan we met 2 German cyclists. In Sommerqand the Bahordir B&B was littered with bikes including a tandem being ridden by a swiss couple. We ran into yet another 3 cyclists on the road from Sommerqand to Bukhara and finally saw another 4 cyclists while in our Lada taxi just outside of Qongorit.

The two germans going around the world


The front of Isabels Bikes


Love this guys t-shirt



Note : Since the time of writing we met our first Ameican cycle tourist Noel as he got off the ferry in Aktau. Good luck for the desert Noel.

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