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LIVE From The Aktau Ferry Terminal

Coming to you LIVE from the ferry terminal. An as it happens blog post with bonus video.

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We are in our 9th hour of waiting for a ferry that apparently arrived today.


For a the full story read on…

I found out that the ferry had arrived after wandering in to the ticket agents office at 9am, whom BTW told us that they would ring as soon as the infamous Aktau to Baku had docked.

A few SMS texts later Tom and Katie were also at the agent ready top pay and get going just in case the ferry had already been loaded. We were initially told to be at the terminal at 2pm.

As we packed to leave a call came into the Keremet hotel stating that boarding time would now be 8pm.

Having been in Asia and the Stans now for just about 4 months we have learned that it’s better to be safe than sorry and went to the terminal at 1pm. It wasn’t more than 3 nights ago that our train scheduled for 1.20am showed up at 12.10am and within 10 minutes and people yelling at us to chuck our gear on and get in. The train then promptly left at 12.30am

So with a ferry that only comes every 3-7 days no chances would be taken.

The time however is now 9.30pm and there is not a person or official in sight that has a clue about when we will board the ferry.

The only upside to sitting in this nice air conditioned empty waiting room is the fact that they have unsecured and fast wi-fi.



Will we board the ferry tonight, who knows…….


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