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Latest Route Information and Changes

A lot has happened since I last wrote a post about our route. Previously we had planned to cycle the majority of Kazakhstan. This idea was put to bed after a long conversation about visas, road conditions and sightseeing with David from Stan Tours.

As you know since then we have cycled through Kyrgyzstan and into Uzbekistan through some of the most amazing scenery and ancient cities that Central Asia has to offer.

Unfortunately the timing of entering Uzbekistan meant that we were in the country at the worst time in summer with temperatures soaring well over 40 degrees Celsius.

After cycling to the city of Bukhara through the hottest weather yet a “team meeting” was called and we discussed what we want from this section of our trip.

Despite the popular notion that the 3 of us are either masochistic or slightly insane a decision was made to use other means transport for the 600km of desert before the city of Nukus. Yes, we could cycle this by getting up at 4am every morning, sleeping during the afternoon and cycling at night, but it seemed illogical to waste our limited travel time and finances on more desert after doing just that in China.

From Nukus/Qongorit we took the train to Aktau as there are little to no roads or villages through and yes, it’s more extremely hot and boring desert.

Presently that puts us in Aktau, Kazakhstan where we are currently waiting for a ferry to Baku, Azerbaijan. From here we will be heading northwest to Georgia. There is currently talk of dropping down into Armenia for a few days before going back into Georgia to cross the border of Turkey. We plan to head through central turkey to the Mediterranean Sea and the city of Izmir.

For a visual view of since entering Central Asia check out this map.


As for Europe…stay tuned

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