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Information for Aktau, Kazakhstan

This information is from 2009 and may be out of date. We suggest checking on the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree forums for the most up to date information

This post contains as much information about the visa and the ferry process as possible that I promised cyclists and backpackers who are are heading from East to West along a similar route to us.

Anna, Ruben, Leon, Peter and James. I hope your travels are going well and this information makes your stay here in Aktau a little less frustrating as you too will wait for the illusive ferry.

(if anyone has Peter”s email please send a link for this post to him)

Azerbaijan Consulate in Aktau, Kazakhstan

Aktau to Baku Ferry Ticket Information

Other random Aktau notes:

There is an internet cafe on the 5th District side of the road (See the lonely planet map). It costs 350 Tenge an hour and is actually fast. They are open from 9-10pm every day. Tom found another one further from the city that is 24 hours and only costs 300 Tenge. Go all the way down the main road to the roundabout and take a right. It is located at the end of the block on the left side and is called Internet King. (11th District)

There is a decent supermarket opposite the WW11 memorial which is on the main street. It is called Ardager.

We have been unable to locate any bike shops as we are lacking in tube patches due to a spate of flat tires by all 3 of us.

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