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It seems that tourists here go one of two ways; Sitting around with cups of coffee and a cigarette hanging with a blank expression on their face waiting to be mucked around by the usual visa paperwork and governmental bureaucracy, or going on a kebab binge found on nearly every corner around town.

Kebabs, known as Shwarma and burgers, known as Gam-burger have varied in quantity and quality around town, so Tom and I took it upon ourselves to try as many Kebab and burger joints the town had to offer, consuming between 3 (Tom), and 5 (me) a day.

Our recommendations are as follows:

Shwarma (Kebab)

The Kebabs at Tom’s favorite joint are completely stuffed with your choice of lamb or chicken with 2 enough to fill me. At 60 SOM ($1.50 US) you could live on these for quite a while.

Directions : Tom’s favorite Shwarma joint can be found on the corner of Chui Ave (East-West) and Erkindik Blvd (North-South) near Ala-Too Square.

Tom’s Favorite Shwarma Joint


My favorite Shwarma, while not the same in size compared to Tom’s, definitely gets bonus points for quality. I put it down to their secret sauce. This place is a little further out of the way, but if you are near DHL, looking for maps, or visiting the supermarket on the east side of town its definitely worth a quick stop. Shwarmas here cost 50 SOM.

Directions : It is located about 200 meters past DHL heading east. DHL can be found on Kiev Street (Kievskaya) on the block between Togolok Moldo Street (North-South) and Manas Ave.

My Favorite Shwarma Joint



Gam-Burgers are a cross between a kebab and a hamburger. Filled with lamb or chicken, some salad and crap-loads of sauce, it is definitely a cycle tourists high calorie dream.

Hands down the best Gam-Burger goes to a little joint on Chui Ave. At 40 SOM a burger ($1 US) you can’t go wrong.

Directions : On the corner of Sovietskaya facing North (downhill) take a right on Chui Ave and walk about 200-300 meters past the post office which is the big building with the clock tower. There is a table outside with a couple of benches you can sit on.

The Best Gam-Burger in town


The things you do when waiting, waiting, waiting…..


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