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Playing House in Almaty

As mentioned in previous posts, while in Almaty a bunch of vacationing Peace Corps helped us out. One of the most useful things they taught us was that there are apartments for rent in most major cities at less than the price of a hotel room.

So after spending a couple of nights in a rundown hostel we decided to make the move to an apartment.

Paying for the apartment was extremely straight forward. All that was required from the small office that we used was one for of ID and payment. (in our case 4500 denge a night)

Picture of what the apt renting place looked like


After a little confusion with the directions to find the apartment as all the buildings look the same (Russian style apartment blocks) and some help from the locals we found ourselves opening the door to a very nice 2 room apartment located on the south side of the center of the city.

Our living room complete with Kazak TV


Quite a step up from camping in the middle of the desert or a hostel with a dirty shared toilet and a sink that is also to be used as a place to clean.

Sitting down to a home cooked dinner


After eating at restaurants practically every day for the last 2 and a half months it was a nice change to have spaghetti which Katie graciously volunteered to cook.

Lunch time. Note the extreme amounts of cheese


No time to get too comfy though. The road ahead is still a long one.

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