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First Impressions Count

After clearing Kazakhstan Immigration with ease we were on the road again cycling on roads that were definitely a lot bumpier and had no shoulder like their Chinese counterparts were still well above average.

We took our first break about an hour into riding under some trees beside a few country houses, which by the way are far more western style than I had imagined.

As we stopped there chewing on the last of our Chinese snacks a child, not more than 3 years old, walked over to us and without speaking a word put out his hand and proceeded to shake all of ours. After showing no fear while approaching the 4 strangely dressed foreigners with bikes he then turned and walked away.

For a moment we stood there dumb founded as none of us had experienced such an act in China. Shortly after that an older boy passing by also stopped to shake our hands and say hello.

This is a first impression of a country I will never forget.

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