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Thank You Kazakhstan Peace Corps

Arriving in a big city where you don’t speak the language and have bikes and a lot of gear to drag around is a real hassle.

We were fortunate to meet a bunch of the Kazakhstan Peace Corps on our first morning here. Their kindness and help meant that we were able to move into a nice apartment at the same price we were paying for the (not so nice) dorm we stayed in the first night in Almaty.

They also gave us a crash course in Russian/Kazak culture, dos and donts, cooked us a meal, got visas sorted out quicker, provided cell phone info and much more.

This post is a big thank you to Tim, Phil, Mariah, Kyle and Alex.

Enjoy your vacation in Kyrgyzstan. Should we be there at the same time we’ll give you a call. Otherwise look us up on Facebook when you get a chance.

Jared, Katie and Tom

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