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3 Things I Wish I Didn’t Bring

A while back our friend Craig from South Korea made a comment on a post asking us to write a post about 3 things we wished we didn’t bring and 3 things did you wish we had with us.

Immediately after I mentioned this, Katie turned around, looked at us lads and said “I know what 3 things I wished I hadn’t brought.”

It’s taken a while to get around to writing this for you Craig, but here you are. Due to our excellent planning skills, these lists are very small.

Things I wish I didn’t bring

Jared – A few too many clothes, a bike computer that chews through batteries
Katie – Temper
David – A big-ass camera
Tom – Maybe, maybe my Nikon, though I love the pics it takes.

(Since being on this trip David, Katie and myself have sent a least one box of things home each)

Things I wish I had taken

Jared – More sunscreen, more butt cream, and someone to cook me a leg of roast lamb
Katie – iPod headphones and an iTouch,
David – Better bike rims, better pump, Crazy Creek seat
Tom – Thermos flask for cold drinks, more-detailed Chinese maps for the GPS

Things I’m glad I took with me

Jared – Crazy Creek seat, mini rear-view mirror, laptop
Katie – Crazy Creek seat, Thermorest pillow, neck buff, sense of humor
David – N/A
Tom – Handlebar bag, iPod touch, solar charger

This is a Crazy Creek


Tom and I have this solar charger


Bike rear-view mirrors have also proved themselves invaluable


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