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One Country Down – Thanks For The Support

Today is the day we should be crossing the Kazakhstan border marking the completion of our first and biggest country. With well over 5500 kms under our belt now we are trucking along just fine, looking forward to the learning curve that will be faced when entering a new country, culture and language.

So on behalf of the BB team I wanted to take the chance to thank you for following our trip, whether it be here on our website, via Facebook or email. Your kind words, comments and support have made the trip even better than we could have imagined and we often chuckle at the remarks made.

It is also a chance to thank those of you who have jumped on board with our promotion of KIVA the micro-lending charity. There have been 26 loans made since the inception of our KIVA lending team helping entrepreneurs from countries such as Peru, Tajikistan, Lebanon, Honduras, Pakistan and more.

The great thing is that some of these loans have already been paid back meaning that the money is available to be lent to another person.

Nancy Corcino Paredes is one such person who has benefited and paid back her KIVA loan. With her first loan she invested materials to decorate different events. Currently, she works in the municipality as the boss of the Civil Registration and at the same time she is decorator for different events like weddings, quinciea├▒eras, etc. The current loan of $975 that she has just repaid bought 10 meters of different colored poly silk fabric (blue, red, white, gold, yellow, etc.).

You can read more about the other people who have received loans from members of our lending team here :

With that said keep the support coming. We read all Facebook messages and blog comments and really appreciate them.

The BB Team

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