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The Revolutions Will Not Be Televised

Or at least, they wont be televised live. Our steady stream of posts and videos is set up that way for a reason: to ensure that you, the reader or viewer, are drip-fed just enough high-quality content to ensure your continued interest. Were we to drown you in a deluge of info, you might get bored. Similarly, without a plethora of pics and posts during our desert days or mountain marathons, you might forget about us and move on to another form of entertainment – international curling, for instance, or extreme Welsh sheep herding. Hence the post-dated posts.

This thoughtful pampering of our readership has an unfortunate and unintended consequence. With 1-2 weeks of videos in the pipeline, friends and family may fail to notice our disappearance for a painfully long time. We could be stuck down a ravine in rural Kazakhstan without any hint of alarm until the witty online banter dries up, by which time our emaciated selves would have resorted to a degree of cannibalism not seen since you last rented the movie Alive. Our theoretical kidnapping by roving mujaheddin biker bandits would be overlooked until well after we’d succumbed to Stockholm Syndrome and become part of their international jihad against ignorant truck drivers and their incessant horn-blaring.

This is all slightly worrying, Please remember -a BB cyclist is for life, not just for Christmas. Keep reading, and keep watching. Our lives may depend on it!

[This post was written on June 16th. The author is still alive and well… probably. This is an automated message. This is an automated message.This is an automated message. Error: checksum 13. Communication ends]

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