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Continuously Changing Route

We set out from Korea fully knowing that our travel plans would have to be fluid as they are dependent on world politics, country stability and visas. I thought I’d take a moment to let you know what we have talked about lately.

Initially we had planned to go along the Southern section of the Silk Road and into Kyrgyzstan. This was ruled out in Xi’an when we realized that we should have gotten our Kyrgyzstan visa in Beijing.

Now we are currently heading along the Northern Silk Road and will stop in Urumqi to obtain a Kazakhstan Visa. Our plan is then to cross Kazakhstan and take a boat across the Caspian Sea to Azerbaijan. This boat comes once every 1-2 weeks or when it feels like it. To do this we need to obtain an Azerbaijan Visa. Not a problem, just go to any Azerbaijan embassy.

It turns out that the embassy in Kazakhstan is all the way to the north in Astana – a very long detour on a bike

To get around this it looks like we will now be stopping in Almaty, Kazakhstan to get a Kyrgyzstan Visa. Then cross over into Kyrgyzstan to its capital Bishkek and obtain an Azerbaijan Visa.

This is the plan for now. Who knows what will happen between now and when we get to Kazakhstan in the next month.


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