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The PALA Experience

A few days back as we cycled into a small town in the Gansu province looking for the usual $8 a night room with a communal squatter and a sink that may or may not have hot water when we came across a fast food joint that was simply appealing as it had pictures of burgers on it.


It doesn’t take much to excite us at the end of the day especially when ordering food is such a pain in the ass, and here was this bizarre little place with pictures we could point at. So try combining Mcdonalds, KFC, Popeyes together, but half the price. Call it PALA (we think run by a Russian company) and use pictures that look like they have been stolen from McD’s and put English signs up that make Korean English signs make sense.


“Le Brown Foam” or “Osteosacoma connected” which translates to “bone cancer connected.”


And who could say no to such tasty dishes like “Coprinus Hamburg”


But hey, a chicken burger is a chicken burger and when you have been living on eggplant, noodles and rice for the last 4 days even the strangest fast food looks appealing.


So we chowed down with few complaints.


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