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Xian to Shandan – GPS Map & Elevation Charts

For the last 11 days or so you have no doubt seen on our Facebook status’s and also some of the previous posts that we have been doing a lot of uphill.

I have finally had a chance to sit down and take a look at the GPS data that I have been collecting and thought I’d share these to charts with you to give you some perspective of what we have encountered terrain wise

10 Day Elevation Chart

This graph shows our last 11 cycling days and the mountains we have gone up (and down) topping out at a whopping 2933 meters above sea level


This graph is the whole trip so far. As it shows we have literally down all the uphill in one big go. The first 20 or so biking days were nothing compared to what we have just encountered.

China Elevation Chart


Here is the GPS map of where we have cycled in the ShanXi and Gansu provinces. View Map

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