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Coke Fiends

Ok, confession time. I’ve got a serious coke habit. I thought I could handle it. It started off small; just a lunchtime hit to get me through the afternoon, but before I knew it, it was out of control. In the hot days before Xi’an, I was on 4 bottles a day. At 600ml a bottle, that’s a lot of cola.

The team, as a whole, have been knocking back a hefty volume of sweet, sugary goodness. I’d estimate an average of 2 or more bottles a day. Multiply that by the number of days for the trip, and you’d get quite a few bathtubs full of the black stuff. Anyone know the percentage of cycle tourists who become toothless diabetics in old age?

In entirely unrelated news, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my dentist mates for their years of unwavering, loyal friendship.


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