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Cyclists Guide to doing Washing

Being on the road with one day off in five means having to come up with creative ways to keep our clothes and gear clean, especially with the amount of dirt and pollution we are going through.

So I have devised step-by-step instructions for anyone else in need of keeping clothes semi clean while cycling across continents.


  1. Put on the dirty clothes you want to wash.
  2. Put your dirty socks on your hands.
  3. Stand under the (most likely) cold shower.
  4. Lather your socks using a tide soap bar found in most small stores.
  5. Scrub your clothes with your soapy socks until you are covered head to toe with soap suds.
  6. Rinse the gray dirty polluted crap out of your clothes and repeat steps 4-6 until the water runs at least a dirty brown.
  7. Take the clothes off and wring as much of the water out as possible then spin them over your head covering the dingy bathroom with water.
  8. Hang the clothes up to dry and hope that they aren’t too damp when you have to put them on again at 5am.


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