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David’s Money Woes

As you know when you travel where you put your valuables, credit cards and money is important and as we are (for the most part) each carrying cash to last us around a month at a time we each have chosen different ways to hide our money.

When it comes to cycle touring there is also the option of hiding cash on/in your bike. So David a great idea to hide a bunch of cash inside his front bike wheel between the tube and the tire.

In theory a fantastic idea. No one would ever think of looking for cash there but……

Well the picture says it all. Ten days of riding, two days of rain and the pressure of his fully laden recumbent literally tore his nice new 100 Yuan notes into pieces.


Thankfully we were in Beijing and after a slightly embarrassing wait while a kind Chinese teller painstakingly pieced the notes back together David received nice new notes which he then proceeded to put back in his front tire.

Just kidding, lesson learned.


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