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What Would Mcgyver Do?

It’s been less than a month on the road and stuff is already breaking and . Spose that goes with the territory of over 100km a day through any kind of weather and any kind of road, but as long as the bodies aren’t broken riding must go on so on the road solutions are needed.

Which brings us to the question “What would Mcgyver do??

Problem : Seat collar screw literally snaps in half
Solution : Find a Chinese man to drill it out and buy a bolt, in my case a quick release bolt to hold it on


Problem : Mud guards are slightly too short for my 700CC tires causing two days of mud and water to be flung all of me and my gear
Solution : Duct tape and part of a plastic bottle to extend the mudguard. David’s idea and works like a charm.


Problem : Rear pannier top plastic bar breaks ?this is potentially going t be a bigger problem down the track
Solution (for now) : Zip tie it up and hope it can hold the weight of the gear.


I wish I could say that’s all that will be needed but I have a feeling our Mcgyver skills are going to be called upon many more times this trip.

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