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Zombie Nation / Fish Nation

Is it wrong that one of my highpoints for Beijing has been the little chip shop around the corner from my hotel? It seems that the charms of the Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square, and the Summer Palace can’t hold a candle to newspaper-wrapped fish & chips smothered in vinegar.



Cuisine has been a major part of the 4-day break. We’ve tried wood-fired pizza, Indian buffets, and a range of local dishes. Jared’s contact, Tanjin took us to a wonderful Chinese restaurant last night, allowing us to expanded our range of carnivorous delicacies from Brer Rabbit to include pigeon and donkey. As you’d expect, there wasn’t much meat on a pigeon, but the donkey meat was surprisingly tasty, if a little spicy.


In truth, I’m not too bothered at my lack of tourist mojo. These four days were always supposed to be about resting legs and filling bellies for the road to Xian. And I kinda get the feeling I’ll be back in Beijing some other time, with plenty more opportunities for avoiding Peking Duck restaurants, street hawkers, and follow-the-flag tours. Until then, pass the vinegar.

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