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Hammond’s Law

In order to reach Beijing on Tuesday we were forced to undertake our biggest ride of the trip, cranking out almost 160km and nearly 9 hours in the saddle. It was a mammoth effort and, some measure of credit for our success must be given to an unsung hero, Kent Hammond.

Early in the morning, with a steady headwind and over 100km to go, Jared announced that he was invoking emergency Kent Hammond rules – compulsory rest breaks: 1 hour on; 10 minutes off; eat and hydrate; Repeat until done. The guys used to employ the same system for any mad hikes they attempted in New Zealand, such as the time they did the 60km Kepler trail lin 13 hours.

The system worked rather well. With those little breaks, properly rested and fed, I actually felt better in the afternoon than I had at ten in the morning. Without it, I think we’d have been exhausted well before seeing the city limits. In fact, I’m all in favor of using the system on a daily basis to improve our mileage and avoid afternoon fatigue.

Kent, I owe ya a cold one. Cheers, mate!

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