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Dalian to Beijing Highs and Low + Stats

To give you a quick idea of what we have experienced on this leg of the journey I have collated everyone’s high and low point from Dalian to Beijing and the statistics of our ride so far.

High Points

Katie – Being invited out of the rain and into a restaurant by a nice Chinese lady and given free soft drink
Tom – Tailwinds to make it to the dragons head of the great wall
Dave – Meeting Nik in Beijing and getting an expats point of view of China, plus providing us with valuable information about the local area.
Jared – The smiles on country kids faces when I wave and say hi, or Nehao – they obviously don’t see foreign cyclists very often.


Low Points

Katie – No cold beer at the end of each the day
Tom – Changing a flat tire in a rainstorm
Dave – A small argument with Jared just before Beijing (not a biggie)
Jared – Fighting with a Chinese lady about the roof leaking and her trying to charge more for a new room



Distance : 973 km / 608 miles / 234,000 pedals
Time : 10 days
Time sitting on our asses : 55 hrs 46min
Total Ascent : 3140 meters

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