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Windier than Wellington

For the last 6 days now we have had strong head-winds that have tested our dedication to this trip. Two days ago we traveled 76 kilometers at 13 km/hr – a long time to sit on a bike seat.


On the road from Yingkao to Panjin we experienced a very strong cold head-wind for the whole day, but at least the roads were flat. So flat that there was not a hill, mountain or even a slight rise for as far as the eye could see. The only thing we saw were smelly oil tankers and trucks with over-sized bails of hay.


These trucks with bails of hay did however work to our advantage by drafting them along the long straight flats at around 35km/hr.

Today after spending another 2 and a half hours struggling along at 12 km/hr we decided enough was enough pulling in to the last major city before Beijing for a much needed half days rest and some sight-seeing.


6 days of headwinds. Hmmmmmm, Ireland seems a long way right now.

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