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It’s an ill wind…

…that blows no one any good, by which token the headwinds plaguing our pasage to Beijing must be right [email protected]*kers. Despite finishing our first leg northward and completing a near-180 degree shift to the southwest, the wind has changed direction to match our path and make sure its right in our faces again.

We”ve had some degree of headwind on almost every one of our six days on the road, sapping strength and willpower in almost equal measure. When you”ve just done a solid two hours for little more than 20km of progress, it”s easy to get a wee bit disheartened.

I “ve been working on a system to mitigate the effects – a full supply of sugary snacks in my quick-access bag, water and coke a-plenty, and an audiobook for company (it”s hard to hold conversation when the wind is carrying your words away with it). Just turn on, tune in, and pedal – “in the zone.” There”s nothing else for it.

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