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On the Road in China

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we are all safe and sound and 3 days into riding through China. All our gear seems to be working fine and the roads here have huge shoulders leaving plenty of room for us to avoid the trucks but not their horns which they like to use A LOT!

We have covered roughly 270km since arriving in Dalian, but the 2nd day was definitely a test of our endurance. Head-winds that push you back up hills and rain for 100km does not make for a happy 4 cyclists.

The teams first impressions of China are, dirty, smoggy and loud, but the people are very friendly and helpful. Today we had a police escort into town after the police chief had stopped us to take photos and everytime we stop at a hostel/hotel there are a bunch of Chinese to help carry all our gear to what always seems to be the 3rd floor.

Today is an appreciate Korea day.

Pics will follow soon……..

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