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TbseFM 101.3 Interview

Yesterday I was interviewed by Seoul’s newest English radio station.


Listen to the interview : tbseFM Interview WMA file

At 2pm Seoul time Steve of the Steve Hatherly Show twenty questioned me (everyone else was busy) about our teams trip from Korea to Ireland which is all but a reality now. It was more nerve wrecking being interviewed on national radio than the thought of leaving for Dalian, China on a ferry in just a couple of days.


A big thanks to Steve, Scot, Jin and the crew of tbseFM for showing interest in our teams little adventure. They plan on following our trip across Eurasia and periodically contacting us to see how everything is going.

And for all you teachers/expats in Seoul, (and soon Busan) there is now a real radio station (not AFN) to listen to with interviews, music, giveaways and news relevant to our daily lives. Check out 101.3FM, also available live from their website

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