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If the bike fits

Jared and I popped up to Ilsan last Saturday (3/20) for an appointment that David had arranged for us at a local bike store.

The staff were very courteous and polite, and spoke enough English to explain each step in rudimentary detail. They measured, noted, adjusted, and measured some more, even going so far as to minutely move the clips on our bike shoes a few millimeters to the optimum position. The only eyebrow-raising moment was when the chief mechanic sneakily lopped a few inches off my seat post to lower it; this mutilation of my beloved Surly conveniently occurring while I’d nipped out for a can of coke.



I’ve no idea if it’ll all do any difference, but the thought of a little less strain on my joints as I pedal x-hundred thousand times over 16,000km makes the peace of mind factor easily worth 50,000 of my hard-earned Won. All in all, it was a very rewarding morning; much more satisfying than my post-fitting bike ride home to Bundang – headwinds all the way.


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