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You Don’t Have to be Irish to be Irish

The BB team enjoy a good parade as much as the next person. So, when an opportunity arose to participate in the annual Seoul St. Patrick’s Day Festival, we positively jumped at the chance.   The festival, in one form or another, has been a mainstay of the Seoul social calendar for the last few years. Economic times are tough, so there was definitely a degree of austerity and downsizing compared to last year’s spectacular along the Chongyechon stream. Despite these difficulties, the festival went ahead as scheduled on Saturday past in Hyehwa’s Marronier Park.


Like the festival itself, the level of our contribution was very much in doubt until the last minute. Jared and I spent most of Friday evening finalizing Katie’s snazzy brochure design and finding somewhere to get it printed up, while David went about the process of obtaining a few bilingual banners from his contacts in Ilsan. It all came out all right in the end though, and on Saturday we had a full complement  of three bikes and riders (Katie is currently in the US on vacation and was unable to attend, though she was certainly with us in spirit).


Amidst a sea of folks dressed in varying shades of green, we set up shop next to the tent housing the display for the Seoul Global Help Center, handing out copies of the team brochures and answering queries from intrigued and occasionally baffled members of the general public.  Bikes and banners at the ready, we then followed the parade along its somewhat abbreviated route through the back streets of Hyewha before returning for more Q&A until it was time to head home and escape the cold.


Thanks to the Irish Association of Korea ( for allowing us to participate, to everyone who came out to show their support in near-freezing conditions , and to all the festival-goers who stopped by to check out our static display.


Apologies to the people of New Zealand (not New ZELAND) for the little typo on the brochure. Spell checking at 11pm on a Friday is never going to be 100% perfect. And to the poor bespectacled little girl to whose father David inquired , “Would your SON like to sit on the bike?”

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