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We’re Leaving – 11th April 2009

In June 2007 a plan was made. Four friends would attempt to ride unsupported from Korea to Ireland, a total distance of over 16,000km – almost the entire breadth of the Eurasian landmass.

That day has finally arrived !!

On Saturday April the 11th 2009 Dave, Tom, Katie and Jared will start their adventure from Ilsan, the place that they bought their first bikes in Korea, ride to Yeouido near the 63 Building (Korea’s largest skyscraper), pack their gear for the last time into their trusty car (The Packen II) on Korean soil and head for the ferry to Dalian, China.

We invite you to come and say goodbye one last time either in Ilsan, Yeouido, or both. Maps will be provided of the exact starting point in Ilsan, path we will ride and the gathering/leaving point in Yeouido shortly.

Saturday Itinerary

8am – Meeting at Mr Jong’s bike shop in Ilsan, where it all began 638 days ago

9am – Leave by bike for Yeouido near the 63 Building.

11am – Arrive in Yeouido for last goodbyes/photos

12pm – Pack up our trusty car one last time with 4 bikes, 4 lots of gear, and 4 people

1pm – Leave for Incheon Ferry Terminal

5pm – Leave for Dalian, China by Ferry

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And most importantly, donate to our chosen cause KIVA and help lend directly to unique entrepreneurs in the developing world.

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See you Sat the 11th,
The Braking Boundaries Team

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