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First Aid Anyone

Hello? My name is “your name.” I’m an Emergency First Responder. May I help


Last Saturday Dave, Katie, Kath and I attended an Emergency First Responder and First Aid course to better prepare ourselves for the potential injuries that come with 4 cyclists traveling over 16,000 km’s.


Jokes and good times make serious situations much more enjoyable. “Now how do you get these damn gloves on.”


For all those office fans out there. The picture below was taken with episode 13 season 5 in mind. And no we were not taught to harvest the organs.


I also hope we can find a spare scuba fin on our travels so Katie can splint a leg.


In all seriousness though, it’s nice to know that we will be able to look after each other to the best of our abilities and at least have more of an idea what that entails.

Special thanks to the guys at Deep Blue Quest dive shop and our instructor Ryan for his fantastic guidance.

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