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Meeting Dan Martin

Last weekend I was unfortunate enough to be away while Katie, Tom and Dave got to sit down with Dan Martin.

Dan is back to Korea after completing a 426 day bike ride from South Korea to Cape Town through some of the (in my opinion) most dangerous countries in the world. He is currently getting ready to leave on his next adventure, a world triathlon.

Swim : New York -> France
Cycle : France -> Alaska
Run : Alask -> New York

Luckily for me though Dan just happened to be in Bundang on Wednesday night so I jumped on the oppurtunity to sit down and pick his brain about all the different experiences he had. Dave, upon hearing that he there was a chance to chat to him again made the long trip down from Ilsan

It’s a great feeling to sit down and chat to someone so enthusiastic about the world


But the night did not end there. As Dave was waiting for Dan to return from somewhere a gentleman sat down next to and must have overheard Dave talking about our trip to someone else when the guy (now known as Thorsten) said “I’ve been cycling throughout Asia and the world for the last two and half years.

It turns out that Thorsten is on an extended break here in Korea before heading to China. What are the chances of that!!!!!

I’d have to say that this Wednesday night goes down as one of the most interesting, informative and random nights that I have had in a long time.

We all plan on sitting down with Thorsten in the coming weeks to hear of his stories while on the road through foreign lands and his encounters.

You can follow Dan’s Adventures past and future here. (Facebook Fan Page)

For more information on Thorsten and his adventures check out his website.

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