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Gotta Love Lines on a Map

Tom and Katie came round last night (Dave was here the previous talking about the same thing) and we got my big world map and started drawing lines on it. Why?


After the team having the chance to meet come cycling legends and listen to them speak about what to do, what not to do, what is cool to see and what isn’t it was decided that we really need to take a good look at routes, including alternates and what our actual goals of the ride are.


After Dan Martin drew a line on a map last weekend and said this would be more interesting we have had some lengthy discussions and the images you see are the result. bviously there is no right or wrong way to get from A to B (Sort of – Iran has been ruled out due to Katies visa) it has been nice to spark the debate (sometimes heated – but we still love each other) of “why not go here instead” and “this is an option if this doesn’t pan out.”


From everything that has been said, we are all aware that you can’t really decide exactly where to go until you are on your bike riding through lands unknown and talking to those you meet. And as much as I personally am an over planner, letting go of the need to know in advance and go with the flow is going to be important and I look forward to learning this skill.

For now though, it’s exciting to draw lines on a map.

It’s breakfast time here in Korea and I plan on eating pizza and drinking coke. All part of my new training regime. Eat whatever I want for the next 85 days.

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