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Woraksan Gukrip Gongwon Campsite

The Woraksan Gukrip Gongwon Campsite is located further up the in the same valley as the Soseonam and Soseonam #2 campsites.

Compared to the other two campsites in the area it is very small and is hidden just off the valley road next to the river. There are toilets across the road an a small field kitchen, but other than that not much else. This would be a great campsite to escape as there were no campers there when I last visited it in September. It is also very close to the start of all the hiking trails in the Woraksan National Park.

Other Information

Province : Chungcheongbuk-do ?? ??
National Park Name : Woraksan ???
Facilities : Field Kitchen, Toilets
Online Map : Naver Maps (Korean)
Getting There : A public bus regularly goes up the valley from Danyang.

This campsite and images can be viewed on our GPS map of campsites.

Pictures of the Campsite

2008-09-28 015

2008-09-28 013

2008-09-28 012

2008-09-28 010

2008-09-28 009

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