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Soseonam Campsite #2

Soseonam Campsite #2 differs slightly from the first Soseonam Campsite (??????).

Located about 500 meters up the road it has more a of a camping feel to it with slightly over grown grassy areas, no assigned camping spots and little to no lighting at night. There is however a small convenience store (??) at the campsite, but it wasn’t open when we were in the area (September). Like the first campsite it is located in a very nice valley beside a clean river about a 15 minute drive (45 min bike ride) from the city of Danyang. Other facilities include a field kitchen and toilets.

Other Information

Province : Chungcheongbuk-do ?? ??
National Park Name : Woraksan ???
Facilities : Field Kitchen, Toilets
Online Map : Naver Maps (Korean)
Getting There : There is a public bus that regularly goes up the valley from Danyang. The Danseong train station (one stop from Danyang Stn) is also only 5 km / 1 hours walk away.

This campsite and images can be viewed on our GPS map of campsites.

Pictures of the Campsite

2008-09-28 021

2008-09-28 020

2008-09-28 019

2008-09-28 018

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