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Observing local Customs

“How would you like a quick run over to the airport?.”

It was the call I’d been waiting for all weekend. After weeks of anticipation and delivery status updates, our 3 brand-new Surlys were finally at Incheon, awaiting collection. They could have been delivered direct to our doors, but we saved over $200 by picking them up ourselves, even after deducting gas and tolls, and it’s not like we had anything better to do on a Sunday.

The trip to the airport was a familiar one and mercifully traffic-free. We soon arrived at the offices of Korean Air Cargo. The building was pretty deserted, minus the clerks themselves, who seemed rather puzzled to see two foreigners at their desks on a quiet Sunday afternoon.


Thus ensued two and a half hours of shuttling back and forth between shipping clerks, officials, and a kindly old customs offer who invited us to join his photography club and admonished us for not going to church often enough.

If you look closely you can see the (well-earned) smugness radiating from Jared”s face.


Here they come!


In our haste and excitement to see what the roughly assembled bits would look like, we put the front wheel on, forgetting that we’d have to take it off again to get the bike on the roof rack. Schoolboy error, as my mate English Thomas would say. Dumbassed-ness aside, it wasn’t long before there were two bikes on the rack; a third, still boxed, on the back seat; and two grinning cyclists-in-waiting in the front.


Time to return to sunny Bundang…


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