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For those who don”t know Dave, he is the genius behind our ride so I found this blog about his previous adventure


I* have safely completed a coast-to-coast bicycle ride from Victoria B.C. to St-John”s N.L. The complete distance was 8929km, and that included the Gaspe Peninsula the (very hilly) Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia,and the complete island of Newfoundland.

I lost 17lbs, with some of that gut going down to my legs 😉
It took me about 79 days(including 20-25 days off) to complete.
I wore through 3 tires, 1 rim, 1 seat post, 5 flat tires, 2 pair of gloves, a pair of shorts, 3 chains, and many layers of skin from my butt!!

I feel great with no serious side effects from the ride, sore knees being the worst thing. I met some fantastic people along the way, giving me a new and rejuvenated feeling about Canada and Canadians.

I cannot thank my family and friends who helped me and friends who showed interest before, during and after the trip.

The story was taken from this original post

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