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Trip Gear Starting to Arrive

Dave is fortunate enough to have pretty much everything he will need from his previous cycle adventure across Canada. This has however meant that Tom, Katie and I have been able to go on a bit of a shopping spree and get a bunch of new gear which has finally started arriving.

Katie just bought back a bunch of supplies from her brief trip to the states.

We all bought REI Quarter Dome T2 Tents with Footprints. Dave will be using his Big Agnes Seedhouse. All our tents are two man, which would beg the question “there are four of you, why not just carry 2 tents?” Believe me we have given this a lot of thought as that would mean about 3.6kg less in gear weight across the team, and any weight savings are of course welcome. However with the potential length of this trip as well as the ability to store all our gear in our own tents at night, not to mention our sanity levels having our own personal space has been marked as a high priority. If you have ever watched the series “Long Way Round” with Ewan McGregor & Charley Boorman you might remember a scene where they went from one tent for the two of them to having their own. I”m digressing, back to the new gear.

Tom and I bought Solio Classic Solar Chargers. Will post more about these in a future post. as for me a good nights sleep no matter where I am is of the utmost importance.

I also bought Petzl Tikka Plus LED Headlamp and a CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack

Katie needed a new light-weight sleeping bag and a thermarest

All the above gear and equipment was bought taking weight, but also price into account to figure out what would be the best value for money.

Now we”re just waiting for our bike bags to arrive from New Zealand, MSR cookware that will be brought back from Canada by Dave who is currently there for a wedding and also to sort out his new recumbent and touring gear.

Oh yeah, our bikes still have to come as well. Might need them.

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