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Bundang Anyang Loop (100km)

Still not comfortable leaving the confines of the Han River bike paths for long stretches, but want a decent length bike ride that doesn’t involve retracing your steps then this is the route for you. Most of the 100 km route is spent on the Tancheon and Han river bike paths. You will have to get your feet a little dirty with a short amount of busy road riding, but it’s worth it when you get to the cool valley behind the Bundang area.

This route contains map links for Naver maps as extra detail at some intersections. If you are not familiar with Naver maps and how to switch to street view, including street view of bike paths please click on the image below for instructions.

Basic Route Info

Start/End Point: Route description assumes a start in Bundang
Distance: 100 km
Elevation Gain: unknown
Highest Point: 234 m

Route Description

(road numbers have been color coded according to Korea’s road sign colors) Updated : Nov 2011

  • Follow the Tancheon bike path north to where it meets the Han River.
  • Turn left and follow the Han River past the 63 Building and Yeouido until you meet the AnyangCheon which is the stream/river to Anyang
  • From here follow the track on the left hand side all the way down to Anyang. You will come to a fork in the track, take the left path
  • After following the left fork for about 5 km you will need to come up to the road and find Highway #57
  • Turn right onto #57 and follow it toward Seongnam. After about 3-5km the #57 will start to head uphill parrallel to Express Highway 100. About halfway up the hill will be an off ramp with the sign “Anyang Municipal Cemetery.” Take this exit which goes under the #57 and up a winding, but low traffic climb to 230 meters.
  • Finding the start to the second climb is slightly tricky. After enjoying the short downhill follow the road until it just about meets back up with the #57. There will be an intersection with a red bus terminal on the right and cool terrace looking apartments on the left. Take a right where the sign says DOPCO and Seogun-dong and go under the #57
  • This small country road will then climb steeply to 234 meters before going down a small road on the otherside. Keep following the road straight through the intersection on the otherside
  • The narrow road you are now on will weave its way down the valley past lots of cool restaurants including one in an old plane. Continue to follow the road down the valley with the small river on your left-hand side.
  • Just after passing under a big expressway you will come to an intersection. Go left across the bridge and then immediately right. The road you are now on will parallel a slightly bigger and busier road.
  • Continue to follow the small road passing a lake with a driving range on your right. This road will lead back to Ori in Bundang.
  • As you come close to the apartment buildings in Ori a bike path will show up on the river to your left. This path will lead you back on to the Tancheon. From there it is back to where you started.

Route Maps & GPS File:

Bundang Anyang Loop (100km) GPX File [urldisplaymode=nomap] – To download right-click and choose “Save Link As”

Bundang Anyang Loop (100km) [gpxelevation=show]

Route Warnings:

  • The #57 is a busy road. Cycle carefully
  • Watch out for the turn off on the #57 to the quieter side road that will climb up and over to Pangyo

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